(BPT) – Once they’re inside, rats and other rodents can do a lot of harm to your home. This includes damage to electrical wiring, metal or plastic pipes and insulation found in walls and attics. On top of structural damage, the critters aren’t good for the people who live in your home, either: Some species [.]

Get Rid of Rats Before They Damage Your Electrical Wire How to Protect Your Home’s Electrical Wiring from Attic Pests. in this post, you are likely to keep expensive wiring safe throughout the year.. Rodents and other pests work quickly to cause damage, so you’ll need to be swift.

Pest prevention is a safe and easy way to protect your property from damaging pests.. cardboard, plastic, and electrical wiring. Rodents chew constantly because it feels good on their teeth, as well as to shred materials to use for nesting.. like food crumbs, or pheromone trails from other.

What No Pest Control Would Look Like What Would Happen If We Didn’t Have Pest Control? June 16, 2014. Posted by ABC in Pest Control Austin.. Here’s a taste of what a world without pest control would be like. Consequences of Not Controlling Insects More people would get sick. Bubonic plague, also known as the Plague.

Diligence is key to locating and exterminating rodent infestation but remember, simply cleaning the debris they leave in your kitchen or other visible traffic areas is not enough – be safe and protect yourself and your home by having the experts at Cirtcele Electric check the electrical wiring in your home.

The Ants Go Marching This Spring Draw the outline of the door and the number “2” on the ark with a pencil and have your preschooler trace over it with a marker. Help your preschooler attach your crepe paper in a strip at the bottom and stick the animals on 2 by 2.

The teeth of rats, mice and other types of problem rodents never stop growing.. protect Your Charlotte Home Electrical Wiring from Rodent Damage. In short, they leave behind evidence of their invasion.