How To Keep Squirrels Away – Squirrel Prevention Tips You are unlikely to be able to keep all squirrels away from the exterior of your property, but you can definitely keep them out of your home itself. There are also plenty of effective methods for discouraging them from taking up residence on your property.

A War on Squirrels- How to Keep Squirrels out of Your Garden Placing mulch around seedlings will make squirrels less likely to dig them out. Row covers or a combination of chicken wire walls and bird netting roof will keep your plants safe so long as nobody teaches squirrels how to use wire cutters. Deterrents. One of the best ways to keep squirrels out is to give them a reason to stay away.

Then you can make use of squirrel repellents – but where you put them is critical. A urine-based repellent will work if you put it on the tires of your car (especially the front tires, to keep squirrels away from the engine), and under your bumpers.

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One of the best natural squirrel repellent ideas is simply to keep them out! The squirrels cannot eat when they can’t get into the vegetable area. Think about making tall wire cages. Be sure the garden beds have tops (bird netting works well) as well as sides, or the squirrels will just climb up and in. Row covers also work for smaller veggies.