stored product insects are regarded as the most expensive pests because a single infestation from a stored product pest can result in enormous economic losses through damage and contamination of food products and packaging.

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Damaged product, expensive fumigation, failed inspections and audits are just a few problems that can result when a food facility encounters stored product insects. The most costly concern is the.

Worldwide, the most common orders of insects eaten by humans are Coleoptera (19 families and 467 species), Lepidoptera (29 families and 296 species), Hymenoptera (6 families and 268 species), and Orthoptera (9 families and 219 species).

Dubai: Stored product insects (SPIs) are the world’s most expensive pests and can prove to be a huge challenge if timely action is not taken to wipe them out, according to a pest control expert.

Pharmaceutical facilities that handle dried starches and meals can be the target of stored product insect infestations. These pests can feed on any number of products, compromise cleanrooms and areas, contaminate products, and make you susceptible to expensive recalls and lost business.

Processing of whole grains and other cropsinto agricultural products, storage of those products and treatment of those stored products to control insect population growth are important parts of the agriculture industry.The red flour beetle, the warehouse beetle, the sawtooth grain beetle, the cigarette beetle and the indian meal moth are destructive insect pests of these stored products.These.

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