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The globe hides few dark, moist, and warm cavities where strange bugs and phobia-inspiring creatures wait in alarming secretiveness. Some of them are innocuous while others pose a serious threat to man’s well-being.

The wackiest and most bizarre weird news stories from around the world and UK

TOP 10 Most Poisonous Bugs In The World Massive die-offs around the world: 103 whales in Brazil, 86% insects disappear in nature parks in Germany, multiple thousands of fish in Uruguay, Paraguay, India and.

What is That Thing?! Identifying the Strange Pests The durian (/ dj r i n, d r-, -æ n /) is the fruit of several tree species belonging to the genus Durio.There are 30 recognised durio species, at least nine of which produce edible fruit, with over 100 named varieties in Indonesia, 300 in Thailand and 100 in Malaysia. Durio zibethinus is the only species available in the international market: other species are sold in their.

The scientists that study insects and help us understand what bugs are all about, are called entomologists. 40+ Weird Animals from around the world; 01. atlas moth. Where they live: Tropical forest of Southeast Asia. What they like to eat: Leaves and foliage of evergreen and citrus trees.

Something awful happened in Moula-Guercy cave in southeastern France around 120,000 years ago.. is strange enough;. Pollen and insects in sediment cores,

A grim gallery of weird foods from around the world – from strange food to downright disgusting food, see pictures bound to get your stomach churning.. A grim gallery of weird foods from around the world – from strange food to downright disgusting food, see pictures bound to get your.

Vermin Threaten Vehicles This Winter: Rats, Mice in Vehicles Squirrel Fight Stink Bug From Side NASA Kids is an excellent site for "kids" of all ages and provides an abundance of information, images, and interesting things to do on astronomy and the space sciences.squirrel pox, or squirrel fibromatosis, is an awful disease that affects squirrels.Unlike human chicken pox, squirrel pox is not a herpes virus. It is transmitted via blood, so mostly individuals contract it through biting insect vectors, such as fleas or mosquitoes.Termite Swarming Season Velvet Ant Female Close up shots of male and female velvet ants (dasymutilla occidentalis) which are actually wasps. Males are fighting over a burrow from which a female will likely emerge. Contribution to the.What Diseases Do Mice Carry? Scientists are proposing the radical evolutionary step of genetically engineering the white-footed mice of Martha’s Vineyard and Nantucket. is open to the idea. Ticks and the diseases they carry.Armed with sticky sheets of cardboard and a ladder, Philip Smith and Frank DiGiovanni make a 35-stop tour of the French Quarter twice a week in search of Formosan termites. The pair are part of a New.In most cases, mice and vermin enter a car by scampering up the tires. If the vehicle is stored without tires, it is a bit harder for them to get inside. Tireless storage will also keep your tires from "flat spotting." Rodents can nest several places in a vehicle: the engine compartment, the interior and the trunk.

15 strange hobbies from around the world from tattooing cars to collecting navel fluff. Coin collecting? reading sci-fi novels? Taking long walks?

Tips To Prevent Rats & Mice This Fall How to Keep Your Workplace Rodent-Free. By Roger Harris. Updated 03/20/19. Pin Share. A good place to look in the desk drawers of employees who bring in and keep food in their desks. Mice and rats love to find these often-overlooked areas!. Get daily tips and tricks for making your best home.

And Christabel is still sneaking around and obeying the orders of Mr. Sellars, But this most exclusive of places is also one of the world’s best kept secrets, where insects are as large and.

What Is The Difference Between a Millipede and Centipede

. like the one of insects. He is an artist, a musician, We’re running workshops in many universities around the world and presented the cyborg rights at the South by Southwest. It was too.

Tens of millions more insects float in carefully labeled bottles of alcohol-the yield from the society’s monitoring projects in nature reserves around the region.

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