As I was driving around the neighborhood, I was pleased to see the small flowering buds on the trees starting to blossom. This means spring is around the corner, but it also reminds me swarming termites are not far behind.

Flying Termites happen when the termites are looking to form a new nest. If you encounter swarming termites, you’ll realize that termites are pretty terrible flyers.

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A termite swarm is short lived. Most termite swarming activity will cease in less than an hour or two. The termites swarming will emerge from existing tunnels (their tubes) in great numbers.

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Swarming Termites in San Diego   Best Rate Repair & Termite on The Approved Home Pro Show So every year, usually around springtime, the swarmers emerge from the colony in what is called a termite swarm. Hundreds of these flying termites will flee from the colony in a matter of minutes in an attempt to find a mate before their wings detach and they land back on the ground.

Termites typically start swarming when temperatures get warmer outside. In most parts of the world, this would be in the middle of the spring season. Subterranean termites in the ground will want to create new colonies of their own once they sense there are warm temperatures above the ground.

Termite swarming habits. Our area’s humid climate offers the perfect environment for swarming termites. These are a few of the common types of drywood and subterranean termites and when you’re likely to see them in Florida.

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The sudden appearance of swarming ants or termites in flight is a good indicator that there is an infestation nearby. Check out why you should install wood foundation, which contains arsenate which is toxic to pests like flying ants and termites.

Swarming termites are actually the reproductive members of the colony. They have wings so that they can fly. In spring, they may emerge from.

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The presence of swarmers or their shed wings almost always indicates termite activity. A complete termite inspection would mean locating exposed shelter tubes and damaged wood. Generally speaking, Subterranean termites are found at or near ground level.

For swarms occurring outside, homeowners will observe large clusters of small, winged termites with swarming time lasting about 30 minutes in any one location. Signs of Infestation Observing the evidence of a termite swarm both indoors or outdoors should prompt homeowners to look for additional signs of a termite infestation.