Until now, most assessments of pollinator health have been conducted on a regional basis, focusing on certain countries or parts of the world. But this week, a United Nations organisation has released.

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Five Ways to Celebrate national pollinator week! wednesday, June 21, 2017 By: Guest contributor – Brittany Christenson – Director, AdkAction.org. It’s National Pollinator Week, and this year residents across the Adirondacks are taking notice. Pollinators are critical to biodiversity, food security and the agricultural economy.

Falling for Bees: A Positive pollinator week message Just when I think I can’t fall more deeply in love with bees, I am once again head-over-heels in lurve.

PETITTI Plants for Pollinators National Pollinator Week kicked off this week as beekeepers, farmers, scientists, food movement advocates, and consumers around the country elevate awareness surrounding the plight of bees and other important pollinators. The non-profit organization Center for Food Safety is one of the key players.

The Asheville celebration aligns with National Pollinator Week. “A lot of people keep bees for their honey, but I leave it in there,” Turner notes of. of just how crucial pollinators are to life on Earth, they're willing to take action.

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"Restaurants and chefs are buzzing with activity during National Pollinator Week, raising awareness about the vital role bees play in pollinating our food and the need to protect these powerful pollinators," said Christy Leavitt, Bee Friendly Food Alliance coordinator.

New York State Celebrates Pollinator awareness week 2015. will be to protect the remaining pollinators and to find solutions to bring their numbers back up.". of "New York State Celebrates.

As summer enters into full bloom, it’s time to celebrate all the birds, bees and bugs that make the fruits and flowers possible. From June 18 to 24, Pollinator Partnership (P2) is celebrating National Pollinator Week, which was designated by the U.S. senate 11 years ago and has grown into an international event.

National Park Week, 2019. by the Executive Office of the President on 04/24/2019. photo by. on bee and other pollinator health and take action, as appropriate, to protect pollinators; engage State and tribal environmental, agricultural, and wildlife agencies in the development of State and tribal pollinator.