· Baiting systems rely solely on the fact that termites have to come into contact with the bait station while foraging for food to register as termite activity and to be discovered by the exterminating company protecting your home.

Various baiting systems are being used by pest control firms, including Sentricon, Exterra, and Trelona Advance. While there are some differences between the systems, all can be effective in controlling termites. BAITING PROCEDURE. Termite baits are typically installed below ground around the entire perimeter of the building.

Types of Ants Found in Food Processing Facilities All the hatchlings had been killed and were being devoured by the ants. I found the ant mound at the. the infant young of a certain other species. During the last stage of their development,What Are Common Bugs Found in the Bathroom? While bugs are quite common around the home, there are certain types of insects that specifically can be found in the bathroom. Due to prime conditions of high moisture, food sources and places to hide, the bathroom is the location where many insects take up residence.

ATBS is the next generation of bait systems. Now there are no more excuses. While previous bait systems had challenges that resulted in slow or poor performance, PMPs across the country are experiencing hits as quickly as 15-45 days and fast colony elimination with the Advance Termite Bait System.

How to Kill Subterranean Termites yourself DIY Q&A / Termite Baiting Systems Insects | Outdoor text: Tim Carter. Termite Baiting Systems. Every now and then in each industry there is a major breakthrough. The newer termite baiting systems shook up the pest control industry like no other discovery in the past.

The ultra low disturbance bait system design features a dual stage interiorTermite Monitoring Base (TMB) remains in placeOnly Termite Inspection Cartridge (TIC) is removedTermites remain in the Termite Bait Monitoring Stations and continue to feed on bait after TIC is removedLess disturbance = greater bait load to the colony

A key characteristic of termites in dealing with termite baiting systems is the fact that termites cannot be attracted. As of yet there is not a bait on the market that actually "attracts" termites. Yes, you will find roach, ant,and even rodent bait that is designed to attract the target pest to.

Our Termite Technician will install a Trelona Advance Termite Bait System, consisting of multiple Termite Bait Stations to eliminate Termites from your property. Let Us be your Termite Control Company you rely on, Call Us Today. 1-844-305-8999.

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