"Spray foam insulation may be applied to the inside of crawlspaces as an alternative to traditional insulation, but unfortunately, it may also inadvertently hide termite damage and/or the presence of live termites," said Dr. Kristine Braman, head of the Entomology Department at the University of Georgia.

Foam-Control with Perform Guard has been thoroughly tested, is safe for handling, noncorrosive, and termites hate it. Prevent damage to your insulation and preserve your structural integrity and R-value. Foam-Control with Perform Guard is a termite resistant molded polystyrene insulation for all types of construction.

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Insulation Damage. Termites do not eat insulation, but they do tunnel through it, especially in ‘below the grade’ foam board insulation. In areas deemed ‘very heavy termite infestation’ the International Residential Code prohibits the use of foam board below grade – unless there is a method to protect the foam board.

Moisture Damage and Crawl Space Insulation Repairs Structural repair is a breeze for our experienced damage repair company. Occasionally a home will have significant damage before there are any other visible signs of an infestation. This can be bad, but much worse is hiring a jack-of-all-trades to repair the damage.

Termite damage can come in different forms and can show up in different places – walls, floors, etc. And by the time damage is noticed, extensive damage may already be done. If you suspect termite damage, or want a regular inspection (recommended), contact a termite control professional. Termite Droppings

Signs of termite damage include swarmers (flying reproductive termites), damaged wood, and mud tubes. pest professionals are trained to know and identify the signs of a termite infestation and will check for any termite evidence during a detailed inspection. Termite Damage and Insulation.

. she moved her refrigerator and spotted termite damage to the wall’s wood and the trails the insects had tunneled that she admitted the termite’s existence. While inspecting the home’s insulation,

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Insect Infestation U.S. map depicting termite infestation density. Protecting a structure from the elements can be complex and the solutions conflicting. Termites pose a particularly difficult problem. Buildings should be insulated for energy savings, yet termites can infiltrate through any insulation and penetrate all but the strongest materials.