development (hence the value of potential commercial properties) while minimizing the negative impacts on residential properties in close proximity which might lower the value of the residential lots to be sold.1 While the majority of the studies on the impact of land use regulations find

Birds are the cause of damage worth millions of pounds every year. Just one bird, by building just one nest, can leave a business picking up a hefty bill from a fire or a flood. It is important to understand the risks involved. So here are 8 ways birds can damage properties and goods stored

Home Remedies for Sick Birds and Optimum Avian Nutrition. Stress, pollution, prescription drugs, the overuse of antibiotics and a poor diet all contribute to the ill health of our birds.

The Landmarks Recognition Program is an annual initiative that recognizes historic properties for their design excellence. a national organization dedicated to ending the devastation addiction.

However, maintaining commercial properties is not a simple process, and many property owners can experience a variety of problems that can jeopardize the health, value and beauty of their commercial real estate investment. In today’s blog post, we’ll look at three common problems found on commercial properties, and how they can negatively.

"Time and again, we continue to see fish and birds take precedence over people and property when it comes. floodwaters to spread out and cause fewer problems. Criss said the modern river.

Pest birds cause tens of millions of dollars of damage every year to American. host of physical problems which can become very serious if they are not corrected. bird droppings can do great damage to air conditioning equipment, industrial.

The latest innovations in lower-toxic pest control Top 5 Termite Considerations For Homeowners The Roof Guy Post author June 25, 2017 at . It’s not ideal, but not uncommon to have an asphalt roof installed over cedar shakes. While the removal of original shakes is the best way to go from the roof integrity (ventilation, preventing termite infestation, moisture problems and rotting of the wood) and engineering perspective (maximum weight that your roof trusses can support), it can be.Stink Bug Infographic – Ehrlich Pest Control The Rentokil family of pest control companies (ehrlich pest Control, Western Exterminator, and Presto-X Pest Control), encourages homeowners to take proactive measures to stink bug-proof the home.The latest innovations in lower-toxic pest control New methods of pest control are based on low-tox solutions that can be more sustainable and effective than harsh chemicals In recent years, several critical factors have driven the pest control industry and business towards low-tox solutions.Spring is in the Air and so is the Season for Many Insects The Season: Includes general climatic cycles, reminders of the previous season, the solstice or equinox (that is, the middle of the season), the months, time and length of day, temperature, approaching the end of the season, anticipation of the next season.

When it comes to controlling birds, wildlife laws need to be taken into consideration. Some species of birds are protected by wildlife laws in most countries and can only be disturbed or killed in certain circumstances or seasons. Which bird species are pests? The main bird species that cause problems on commercial properties are: Pigeons

What Rodents Will You See in Your Home This Winter? What to Do for Fleas in the Bed Tips For Fighting Pests In Colder Weather Top Things That Attract Termites To Your Home Pied Piper Pest, Termite & lawn services pest control and Lawn Care in Oklahoma.. 3 Things Besides Wood That Attract Termites. February 9, A professional termite inspection is the best way to find out if your home has fallen victim to the fierce destruction of termites, it is also a great.AAA Termite & Pest Control wants you to you know about tips you can practice to keep pests out of your home this winter.. Colder weather is upon us, unfortunately! While many people think that certain insects and pests die off during these cold months, that isn’t always the case..How to get rid of fleas in your bed. August 14, 2016. Parasites such as fleas make your home uncomfortable and stressful. Fleas can be hide in your sofas, beds, cushioned chairs, cupboards, etc and are not easy to find because of their tiny size. Fleas in your bed can really cause a headache.Do rodents hibernate? Not all. Some, like rats and mice, seek shelter from the cold in your home. Learn which are true hibernators and which are active year-round.Stinging Insects Spring Into Action With Warmer Weather KNOX COUNTY — With the arrival of warmer weather, local residents will be spending more time outside and that means exposure to ticks and mosquitoes which can carry harmful diseases. Two of the most prevalent illnesses, West Nile Virus and Lyme disease are common throughout Ohio and the Knox County.

Before You Buy Property, Dig into environmental issues. thinking about buying or selling a piece of commercial real estate property that’s currently in use as a shopping center, apartment building or warehouse?. Some types of properties are more likely to cause problems than others. Lots.