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Top 7 ant species you many encounter in U.S. Did You Know? In the Amazon rainforest, ants and termites make up nearly a third of the total animal biomass. About 11,880 species of ants are known. Scientists believe at least twice as many species of ants have yet to be discovered. The queen ant lays all the eggs in the anthill. The queen ant lives up to ten or twenty years.Zika Virus Concerns Why Healthcare Facilities Need Pest Inspections Why Bugs Love Inhabiting Basements Cellar spiders (Pholcidae), sometimes called daddy-longlegs, are thin-legged and reside in webs. They are often found in basements and crawl spaces, but also live elsewhere in homes.Termite Tips: How Does Your garden grow? pest tips: Termites in the Garden?. Tips Leave a Comment. Watch outs for the green thumb in your life. Ahh, spring! If you’re headed outside to exercise your green thumb, remember that your garden might be the first stop for termites on the way to destroy your home. Keep these things in.The Building Permit holder, who can be the owner or contractor, is responsible for: calling to arrange inspections at the required inspection stagesZika is a viral illness that can be spread to people through mosquito bites, from mother to child, and via unprotected sexual contact. zika virus was first discovered in a monkey in the Zika Forest of Uganda in 1947.How To Prevent Rodent And Other Pest Damage To Your Electrical Work Termite Tips: How Does Your Garden Grow? Why Bugs Love Inhabiting Basements It’s a few feet away from the front of the dryer. I see absolutely no sign of an infestation in any of the bed rooms. On the last few occasions, I have dragged my family into the basement and placed our clothing directly into the dryer to kill any potential bed bugs after we came home from going to a theater.How Does Your Garden Grow? Posted March 1, 2019 February 27, 2019. However you water your garden, be careful to water just the roots. "Leaves don’t absorb water and when they stay wet, this can lead to fungal and bacterial problems," Hunter explains.Minimising the impact of rodents during construction requires the developers and site managers to recognise the key signs of pest activity. This can be an issue on building sites, so following the rule âprevention is always better than cure’ involving a professional pest controller at the earliest stages of building development means that the site can be carefully monitored whilst construction occurs.

Check for pests in packages or boxes before carrying them into your home. Top of Page. Do safely and correctly use pesticides. Keep pets and children away from areas where pesticides have been applied. After preventive steps have been taken, you can use baits as a first line of chemical defense against insects or rodents. These are often effective and can be used with low risk of exposure to the.

7 Genius Ways to Get Rid of ANTS! In this post, you’ll learn the top 5 fall pest control tips to avoid pests in and around your home. Fall pest control tips: trim shrubs and branches away from your home With the full growth of summer coming to an end, many plants and shrubs around your home may be getting a little close to your home.

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Blood-sucking pests like ticks and mosquitoes can carry a host of bad diseases that can cause permanent harm or even death.. How to avoid tick and mosquito bites this summer – a step-by-step.

Take a half of a teaspoon of cinnamon essential oil and mix it in with a cup of water. Wet a cotton ball with the mixture and swab areas where you’ve seen ants every day. Ant can’t stand the smell of it and will avoid it. You can also place cinnamon cloves in areas, like windows and doors, to prevent the ants from coming into your home.

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If your houseplants have been given all the food, water, and sun they need and they still seem to lack vigor, you may want to inspect them closely for insect pests. Insects and mites can appear on houseplants at any time of the year and they are not always easy to see.