The kissing bug, formally called the triatomine bug, visits its unwitting victims at night and spreads infection by leaving feces behind. chagas disease is most dangerous if it becomes a chronic condition.

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The dangers of ‘Kissing bugs:’ Professor’s new research aims to inform medical professionals. June 6, 2014.. Loyola at a Glance is written and distributed for the faculty, staff, students and friends of Loyola University New Orleans.

No one likes to find bugs in their home, but a particular type of creepy-crawler poses an extra danger, new research finds. "Kissing bugs" spread Chagas disease, The Truth About OTC Sleep Aids.

Beware of the "Kissing Bugs" They May Sound Cute But They’re Actually Deadly!

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It is spread by an insect known as the kissing bug. While the name "kissing bug" sounds harmless, it is anything but. These insects, known scientifically as Triatominae, are blood-sucking pests that prefer to bite us around the mouth while we’re sleeping.. Home Hidden Dangers Of.

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Chagas: Kissing bug diseaseBy Tri-County Termite Pest Control Laurie.. you may have seen a few posts about the "kissing bug". Many of these posts talk about the dangers of the kissing bug and how to prevent it, but a good amount of it is exaggerated to a great extent.. the truth cannot be further. Only if it is.

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