Ask employees to keep any food in the kitchen rather than in their desk drawers, or store and food at their desks in pest-resistant, ungnawable containers. Keep an eye out for signs of re-invasion and continue to manage all the above.

Keep your kitchen sparkling Cockroaches, slugs, flour moths, ants and rodents are all enticed into your home by food debris, so clearing away any potential food sources is a must for a pest-free.

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Here are a few suggestions for safer pest control. Pest Control: Practice Prevention First.. Try to keep your home free of clutter. Piles of magazines, newspapers, and boxes can attract.

Check Out Our pest control blog! Check out our blog for tips and tricks from the pros to keep your home pest-free!. Termites in the foundation of a home.

Resolve to keep your home free of infestations in the 2017 New Year by following our five simple pest-prevention tips. follow up your new routine with a call to Bug Out in Jacksonville, FL, to keep your home pest-free all year round.

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How to Protect Your Home from Rats - Orkin Pest Control 13 Simple Ways to Keep Your Home Pest-Free All Summer Long. Lauren Cahn.. Always burn the oldest wood first, and only bring in as much firewood as you need to make a fire.

Pest control and bug treatment is a temporary solution because if you ignore these basic tips and techniques, you can’t imagine having a bug free home. Go and start applying these techniques from today itself.

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First off, you'll want to make your home as secure as possible.. Invader today for professional advice on how to make your home a danger zone for scorpions.

According to Victor Pest, peppermint is a menthol that is very potent and can irritate their nasal cavities. A whiff of peppermint certainly will keep them away. Now there are two ways to incorporate the smell of peppermint into your home. The first is growing peppermint plants and leaving them around the house.

Why Are There Termite Swarmers?