This invasive species of trap-jaw ant, known as Odontomachus haematodus, has actually been living in the States for around 50 years now, but studies have shown that the ant has been rapidly spreading along the Gulf Coast in recent years. The invasive trap-jaw ant species Odontomachus haematodus (Courtesy of Alexander Wild)

North American Ants.. Liometopum – velvety tree ants. Common in southwest and along west coast (3 species) Monomorium.. Odontomachus – trap-jaw ants. Common in gulf states west to Arizona (5 species) Pachycondyla – huntress ants.

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The micro-ct scans revealed three sets of powerful muscles that appear to be responsible for the trap-jaw ant’s bite. The muscles are huge, together taking up much of the interior of the ant’s.

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Trap Jaw Ants Along the Gulf. FAIRFAX, Va. (June 30, 2014) – An invasive species of trap jaw ants has been slowly spreading throughout the South without gaining much attention. Trap jaw ants have a spring-loaded jaw that helps them trap prey and leap away from predators.

This species of trap-jaw ant, Odontomachus relictus, is only found in Florida. It is a cousin of O. haematodus, a South American species that has recently taken hold along the Gulf Coast.

Instead, trap-jaws have evolved multiple times across the ant family (Formicidae). Thus, while all trap-jaw ants share the characteristic of spring-loaded mandibles, the trap-jaw mechanism evolved multiple times and uses different structures to achieve the same trap-jaw function in different groups of ants.

This Stinging Ant Is Invading the Gulf Coast.. Odontomachus haematodus is a bellicose variety of trap-jaw ant, with some specimens approaching half an inch in length. The United States is home to native trap jaw ants, but they are small and timid compared to their invading counterpart.

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OMG! I Caught a NEW QUEEN ANT! | A MONSTER ANT BATTLE feat. Trap-jaws, Weaver Ants, Marauder Ants Giant Ants’ With Jaws Like a ‘Bear Trap’ Spread in the U.S.. has spread across the Gulf Coast after first being reported in Alabama in 1956. "Haemotodus is particularly interesting because it is larger and more aggressive than other trap-jaw ants in the United States," Sorger said.