Brown marmorated stink bugs area nuisance inside mid-Michigan homes but do not pose a health threat. The bug squad stink bug removal How to prevent and get rid of brown marmorated stink bugs in your home or building.

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Now, if that wasn’t bad enough, stink bugs bite too. How do Stink Bug bite? Stink bug have long proboscis, or if you prefer, needle like beaks that allows the to easily puncture the skin of their favorite food and suck its fluid content. Some Stink bug species are in fact carnivorous, praying on caterpillars, larvae and small insects.

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Up to half an inch long and almost as wide, these bugs have a mottled brown body shaped like a flat shield. They are native to Asia and newcomers to America, accidentally brought over in the late 1990s in packing shipments and crates. Why Do They Stink? True to their name, stink bugs literally stink.

Besides stinking, stink bugs also pose big problems for farmers. While some insects – such as bees and the praying mantis – are helpful to farmers, stink bugs regularly cause great damage to fruit and vegetable crops. For example, brown marmorated stink bugs feed on a wide variety of fruits and vegetable crops, Do Stink Bugs Stink?

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Do stink bugs pose a threat to human health? Stink bugs are not known to bite humans, but their tendency to invade homes in high numbers makes them a difficult pest to control once inside. What can homeowners do to prevent an infestation? Seal cracks around windows, doors, electrical outlets, ceiling fans and light switches with a good quality.

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Stink bugs are a species of “true bug” that are about inches long fully grown, with tan-brown bodies and darker, striped or marbled brown markings on their upper and lower bodies. The common species of stink bug in New York is the Brown Marmorated Stink Bug .

 · It’s stink bug season: Here’s how to get rid of them. Stink bugs are an indoor nuisance but otherwise harmless to humans.

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