Everyday Nature: How I Came To Love House Centipedes. By Jon Fisher. February 8, 2013. I know that moths and silverfish do, and house centipedes eat them.. But do the house centipedes eat paper?. I never harm the centipedes I find scurrying around my house as they eat the pests I do want.

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What do house centipedes eat? Learn about the diet and prey of house centipedes. call the experts at Orkin today to arrange service at your home or business for pest problems.

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Centipedes are elongated, flattened arthropods with numerous legs – one pair per body segment. They are predaceous on many different arthropods including insects. Although all centipedes have poison glands and the means to inject their venom, bites are infrequent and normally do not cause more than temporary, localized pain.

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Centipedes have poor vision but are able to find prey by using their antennae. Once suitable prey is located, they use their quick speed to capture, bite, and inject their prey with paralyzing venom .

Centipedes are predominantly generalist predators, which means they have adapted to eat a variety of different available prey. Examination of centipede gut contents suggests that plant material is an unimportant part of their diets, although centipedes have been observed to eat vegetable matter when starved during laboratory experiments.

What You Didn’t Know About Eating Insects 40 Unbelievable Facts about Insects You Didn’t Know – Part 2. July 21, 2018. Facebook. Twitter. Pinterest.. The bigger the gift, the longer it takes for her to eat it, and thus the longer she’ll allow the male to mate with her. Source & More. 19.

Centipedes are venomous but not dangerous. No one has ever died from a centipede bite in this country. The bite is painful, like a bee sting. Some folks have a more severe reaction as everyone handles.

What Do Centipedes Eat in the Wild? Centipedes are nocturnal, meaning they hunt during the night. During the day, they hide under the cracks in your bathroom or in any area which is moist and humid for them. Research claims that these little crawlies eat anything that is soft-bodied and fits in their moth.