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The lifespan depends on the temperature and the feeding conditions encountered by the fly. In a 29 C condition, flies live for about 25-35 days. However, if the temperature drops down to 25 C, then the fly lives for between 60 and 92 days. If the temperature falls below 25 C, flies can live even longer.

What Is the Life Span of a House Fly? A typical house fly lives between 15 and 30 days. Having warm temperatures, food available and an environment with a lack of hazards will help flies live longer.

A fly is a small restless creature that torments people, spread diseases, and causes annoyance. There are multiple species and types of flies that have a lifespan ranging from few days to years.

"We have long known that a disrupted clock is an early indicator of neurodegenerative disease," says Northwestern’s Dr. Ravi Allada, who led the research.

Summer Bugs – Ways to Help Keep Them Away The scents draw more bug traffic, rapidly increasing the level of infestation and make it harder to keep them away. Cleaning early is key, and it’s easier to overcome an infestation if you are diligent at the first signs. Collecting the bugs is the first step of any clean-up process and the easiest way to keep the infestation at bay.

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One Minute Fly (official) The lifespan of a fly depends on their species. There are almost 16,000 different species of flies each having their unique characteristics and lifespan ranging from days to years. Generally, the lifespan of flies is around 15 – 30 days, but several other factors contribute to their life expectancies like temperature and living conditions.