Opossums are omnivorous (eat both plant and animal matter) and not very finicky. The animal portion of its diet often includes insects, dead animals, birds and their eggs, frogs, snails and earthworms. They also eat fruits and berries, especially during fall and early winter. Corn is an important part of their diet during winter.

Opossums live in woodlands and agricultural areas in all of Minnesota except the far northern part. The opossum’s naked ears, nose, and tail are very susceptible to freezing temperatures, which explains why the species is not found farther north.

Do opossums hibernate during winter? Opossums do not hibernate. Their greatest challenge during winter, especially in colder climates, is simply to survive. Very often opossums will alter their foraging habits during winter, coming out during the day when it is warmer rather than at night.

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Their hairless ears and tails often get frost bitten and it is unusual to see an opossum with the tip on its tail. They, like the others, rest in their dens during bad weather and forage for food to stay alive. During the winter, the area under bird feeders is the local diner for a number of animals, including opossums.

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What do opossums do in the winter? Do they migrate or hibernate? I’m asking because we seem to have one living in our yard somewhere, we see it almost every evening. We were thinking about having someone trap it but I thought maybe it would move on when the weather gets cold. N.S., Meredith, NH. That opossum may move out of your yard for the.

Contrary to popular opinion, possums are not born dead by the side of the road. In fact, this primitive marsupial enjoys the benefits of living near humans. It can live in urban parks. Possums mate.

They are not migrants: they live. The opossum has been expanding its range north for decades. It’s particularly well adapted to humanity, able to survive amidst farms, city parks and suburbs. It’s.