A BBC Earth Unplugged video explaining why bats like to hang out upside down. Did you know there are seven species of bats that do not sleep upside down? They sleep in curled-up leaves! Six of these species live in Central and South America, while the other one lives only in Madagascar.

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Why do Bats hang upside down ? Unlike birds, bats are unable to begin flight from the ground as their wings are not powerful enough and their legs lack the necessary strength for a running takeoff. They use their front claws to climb to a high spot and launch themselves off to achieve flight. By sleeping upside down, they are.

How do bats sleep? Find out how and why they spend so much time hanging upside down, and how Terminix keeps them from using your attic as a place to rest.

A video dedicated to some very fascinating but also very misunderstood creatures. bats are a wonder of nature and we have much to learn from them! Enjoy. WAT.

Bats sleep upside down because they cant get take off any other way. Or bats have lost the ability to take off any other way because they sleep upside down.

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By sleeping upside down in a high location, they are all set to launch if they need to escape the roost. Hanging upside down is also a great way to hide from danger. During the hours when most predators are active (particularly birds of prey), bats congregate where few animals would think to look and most can’t reach.

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Bats are the only mammals that can truly fly. I’m pretty sure all bats hang upside down. Bats hang upside down because unlike a bird, they do not have hollow bones. This extra weight does not allow them the take off when on the ground. Instead they hang from a branch/ledge/etc and simply let go and flap when they want to fly.

Bats sleep hanging upside down because they are mammals and can’t take off into the air like birds can (at least not without difficulty). But, if they’re hanging, all they do is let go.