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To get rid of pigeons, make sure there aren’t any seeds, berries, or pet food that the pigeons can access since they like to eat these things. You can also place reflective surfaces around your property, like foil, reflective tape, and metallic balloons, which will scare the pigeons away.

. for hotels. You want to make sure your guests feel safe in your establishment.. Zenpura Pest Solutions | Buy Pest Control Online Today | Jacksonville, Florida. Tips for Hotel Pest Management in the Fall & Winter Months.

When considering what cockroach control method to use, it is best to first examine your home for possible roach infestation sites. Do this by using a flashlight to search popular roach hiding spots, including behind the refrigerator, under the sink, crevices in cabinets and shelves, closet door corners, bathroom cabinets and closets.

If you need effective bird control, call us on 800-PESTS(73787) and we will arrange an appointment with our avian experts. FACT: One of the reasons pigeons flock together in large numbers is to protect themselves against predators, such as cats, rats and foxes.