World Pest Day: The Origin of Pest Management. June 6 has been declared World Pest Day to raise awareness among the public, government and media about the important role that the pest management industry plays in protecting health, food, property and the environment from pest health threats around the world.

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World Pest Day 2018 took place on June 6 in Portugal, during the Global Summit of Pest Management Services for Public Health and Food Safety. World Pest Day was created to: Increase public, government, and media awareness of the important role pest management organization plays in protecting public health

World Pest Day Date in the current year: June 6, 2019 World Pest Day, also known as World Pest Awareness Day, is observed on June 6 each year.Its main objective is to raise public awareness of the importance of pest management for the protection of public health.

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World Pest Day is a multinational event that takes place each year to "raise the status of the pest management industry among the general public." Here’s some information about why World Pest Day is important for homeowners all around the world and the pest control trends we expect to learn about from this year’s summit.

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BEIJING, June 6 (Xinhua) — The first World Pest Day, a milestone in the global pest management industry, was launched in Beijing Tuesday, aiming for the eventual reduction and elimination of pest-borne diseases. The inaugural world pest day, initiated by the Chinese Pest Control Association (CPCA.

The 6th June 2018 will mark the second world pest day! For those of you who don’t know, World Pest Day was created to build awareness around the importance of pest control to protect food, homes, families, lives and businesses.

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World Pest Day 6th June 2017 is the very first World Pest Day. The worldwide campaign aims to increase awareness of the important role pest management plays in protecting public health.

ATLANTA, June 5, 2017 /PRNewswire/ — Pest control leader Orkin is sponsoring tomorrow’s inaugural World Pest Day in Beijing, sending representatives to join other professionals from around the.