Stinging insects can be seen all spring and summer long, but it is generally not until the late summer and early fall that they become a major nuisance for business owners. In the late summer, stinging insect colonies are well established and all of the workers are out foraging for food.

Spring is in the Air and so is the Season for Many Insects Ten reasons to get out and enjoy spring, the season when nature bursts back into life in an inviting explosion of sight, sound and colour. Ten reasons to love spring.. There are so many.

Red Alert for Yellow Jackets. Pesky insects pose major stinging threat this time of year. Please note: This article was published more than one year ago. The facts and conclusions presented may have since changed and may no longer be accurate. And "More information" links may no longer work.

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yellowjackets, Killer Bees and Other stinging insects pose increased. including yellowjackets, wasps and Africanized "killer" bees are most. For more information or to find a local pest professional, visit: Yellowjackets, killer bees and wasps are some of the most aggressive species of stinging insects.

Hornets from Hell | National Geographic Yellowjacket or Yellow jacket is the common name in North America for predatory social wasps of the genera Vespula and Dolichovespula.Members of these genera are known simply as "wasps" in other English-speaking countries.Most of these are black and yellow like the eastern yellowjacket vespula maculifrons and the aerial yellowjacket Dolichovespula arenaria; some are black and white like the.

Target Your Pest – Common Pests, Rodents, and Wildlife. Browse Aim’s Pest Target Gallery to identify your pests and learn more about the characteristics, habits, and even threats various species pose to your family or property.

More people die in car accidents, from domestic murders and bee stings in Australia than terrorist attacks. of the need for legislation against new criminal acts.’ Bees and wasps have killed 27.

Stings from bees, wasps, hornets, and yellow jackets are common and painful. Pain, swelling, and itching at the site of the bite are common. An allergic reaction includes trouble breathing, chest tightness, and swelling on the body someplace other than the bite site. Allergic reactions to a bite or sting are medical emergencies. Call 911 right.

The Role of Pests in Medicine Regulation of pest abundance below the level of economic injury is the target of biological control, which is usually done by study, importation, augmentation and conservation of beneficial organisms for the regulation of harmful animal’s population. Most of the agricultural pests are insects and these have natural enemies, which are also mostly insects.Your Guide To Spider Control Maintenance Termite Facts For Homeowners The Importance of Pet-Friendly Pest Control Spring is when we begin to notice an increase in pests, such as ants, termites, mosquitoes and other stinging insects, so we strongly encourage homeowners to contact a pest control professional..The termite facts, when it comes to cost of repairs, depend on how much wood they have eaten, how long the colony has been in existence in the home and where the damaged wood is located in the house. Repairs are usually much more expensive than original building costs.Ticks and Tick Control Ticks can be harmful to pets and people, which makes tick control in your yard and home important. With the right products and application, you can repel, remove, and prevent tick infestations yourself.For lasting, safe extermination you should hire a professional pest control service to treat your home for the unwanted insects, spiders or.

Although many different types of insects in the United States are able to inflict a poisonous bite or sting (meaning they are venomous), the insects most likely to cause medical problems are bees (including the domestic honey bee, its Africanized "killer bee" race, and the bumble bee), wasps (including paper wasps, hornets, and yellow jackets), and ants (including the fire ant).

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